Heft 65: fairCulture Theater und Entwicklung - Theatre and Development

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Heft 65: fairCulture Theater und Entwicklung - Theatre and Development Autoren: O.Hruschka, U.Handwerg, K.Hoffmann, D.Gad, E.Noglo, M.Jahnke, F.Matzke, W.Sting, F.Morrell, B.Waldvogt, B.Gürey, G.Ziółkowski, L.Schön, A.M.Asiedo, A.Poppe, I.Lingnau, F.Roth-Lange, M.Walter, G.Fischer, K.Kolar Einleitung/Introduction
  • Theater und Entwicklung
  • Theatre and Development

Fundamental Reflections and Field Reports

  • Perspectives on Arts Education within International Cooperation: a Cultural Reflection
  • Communities' Inclusion in Decision-Making is Key to Sustainable Development
  • fairCulture! How Much Do You Want?
    The Conflicting on a Dialogue and Reality of International Theatre Work with Young People
  • Must One Learn How to Read Dance?
    Observations on a Dialogue between Dance and Acting for a Young Audience at "StepX" Festival (Schnawwl, Mannheim)
  • At Hope 41
    Live Art as a German-Indian Service Performance
  • Drama for Life
    An Applied Theatre Programme (South Africa)
  • Theatre for a Change
    Measuring the Impact of Theatre-based Methodologies on the Individual and their Communities
  • The MUKA-Project
    The Subjective Importance of Community Theatre for the Biography of Children and Young Adolescents
  • "fairCulture" and the Gezi Park Protests: Looking Back
  • A Handful of Reflections on Directing
  • "Artists are Role Models"
    An Interview with Frank Sam from Tete Adehyemma Dance Theatre (Ghana)
  • Empowering Young Palestinians to Develop their Cultural Identity through Dance and Theatre
    An Interview with Rami Khader, Diyar Dance Theatre (Palestine)
  • Participants' Statements about fairCulture
  • Fit for One World?
    On Theatre Work within the School Partnership between IGS Hannover-Linden and Natiro Secondary School in Tansania


  • Was kann, was will Theaterpädagogik?
    Systeme der Aus- und Weiterbildung. Zur BuT-Fachtagung im April 2014
  • Zur Lage des Leipziger Instituts für Theaterwissenschaft
  • Internationales Jugendtheaterfestival an der Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
    Goethe-Institut fördert die Theaterarbeit mit jugendlichen Deutsch-Lernern aus Europa
  • Zur Individualisierung von Lernprozessen in der Fremdsprache
  • Ein Abend im Grips

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